The Ultimate Soap Drying Tray….

Soap Drying TrayWillow Way soap drying trays are designed especially to make your soap drying times faster... save up to 25% or more!

You get Optimum air flow with the exclusive slot ventilation design which in-turn increases your production levels. You can achieve even drying and curing without having to rotate or turn your soap bars which also saves you labor.

Our soap drying trays are space savers too - can be stacked over 8 feet (2.5m) high without a rack system. Need to move your soap trays around? Its simple with our optional durable Tray Dolly for a mobile system.

As your cold process soap cures, the saponification process continues. Proper even drying and curing through this process is an important step to making high quality long lasting soaps that keep your customers returning for more.


Faster Drying Times
Increased Production Levels
Ergonomically Designed
Light Weight (106 ounces)
Excellent Stability
Non Stick Easy to Clean
Stackable Space Saving
Heavy-Duty High Density Polyethylene
Wide Temperature Tolerance
Long Life, Extra Strong and Durable
Mobile with optional Tray Dolly

See how incredibly strong our vented trays are. Click Here or Here

Stackable - Faster Soap Drying & Curing Times - Heavy Duty - Exclusive Slot Vent Design

Features of our ultimate Willow Way Drying Trays…

  • Exclusive slot vent design provides Maximum air flow. (Reduce drying times by up to 25% or more!)
  • Heavy Duty Construction made with High Density Polyethylene.
  • Cleaning is Simple with Superior release characteristics for no sticking.
  • Saves you on Labor, you get even drying without having to rotate your soaps.
  • Space Saving – No Rack System limitations - Stack soap drying trays over 8 feet (2.5m) high.
  • Long life expectancy with continual rough handling. Tough & Durable.
  • Wide temperature tolerance. -40°F (-40°C) to 230°F (110°C).
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable handling and reach capability.
  • Available Colors: Green or White.

Soap Drying Tray Specifications

A – Overall Length – 30.5″ – – – 775 mm
B – Overall Width – 16.25″ – – – 413 mm
C – Overall Height – 4.875″ – – – 124 mm
D – Inside Length – 29.25 – – – 743 mm
E – Inside Width – 15.125″ – – – 384 mm
F – Side wall Height – 2.875″ – – – 73 mm
Max. Soap Drying Height – 4.30″ – – – 109 mm
Weight: 106 ounces (3000 grams)

Drying Tray Colorant-Teknor Color FDA Compliance

Drying Tray FDA Compliance

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Stack ‘em high – Stack ‘em low. No matter how you look at it, all of these soap making applications need our trays.


Cold Process Soap
Hot Process Soap
Glycerin Soaps
Mild Abrasive Soaps
Laundry Bar Soaps
Hair Shampoo Soaps
Novelty Soaps
Aromatherapy Soaps
Miniature Guest Soaps
Beauty Soaps
Shaving Soaps


Local Soap Stores
Craft Fairs
Health Food Stores
Food Co-ops
Farmers Markets
Online Retail
Seasonal Fairs
Hotels & Motels
Beauty Supply
Gift Stores
Organic Shops

Product Ideas

Vegetarian soap
Herbal Soap
Essential Oil Soap
Saltwater Soap
Coffee Soap
Olive Oil Soap
Goats Milk Soap
Feather Swirled Soap
Layering and Embeds
Linear or Taiwan Swirls
Mica Painting