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Faster Drying Times
Increased Production Levels
Ergonomically Designed
Light Weight - Excellent Stability
Non Stick Easy to Clean
Stackable Space Saving
Heavy-Duty High Density Polyethylene
Wide Temperature Tolerance
Long Life, Extra Strong and Durable
Mobile with optional Tray Dolly

Green Drying Trays
green drying trays

Model: 400BVT
Exclusive Vented Design
1 box = 5 trays

White Drying Trays
white drying trays

Model: 425BVT
Exclusive Vented Design
1 box = 5 trays

Pallet of Drying Trays
pallet of drying trays

Color: Green or White
Model: 400BVT or 425BVT
1 pallet = 60 trays

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See how incredibly strong our vented trays are. Click Here or Here

Buy our Durable Soap Tray Dolly

Place your soap trays on one of the “Soap Tray Dollies” for a mobile curing system. You can quickly cure, 1,000 >>> 2,000 >>> and even more soap bars in only, 16” x 32” (41cm x 82cm) of Floor Space!! Give your back a break and add the freedom of mobility. The Dolly doubles as another tray.

Please note: Some assembly is required.

Green Tray Dolly
green tray dolly

Model: 200ED
1 Dolly

Green Tray Dolly - 4 Pack
green tray dolly 4 pack

Model: 200ED4
4 Dollies

White Tray Dolly
white tray dolly

Model: 225ED
1 Dolly

White Tray Dolly - 4 Pack
white tray dolly 4 pack

Model: 225ED4
4 Dollies

Features of our premium Willow Way Soap Drying Trays

  • Exclusive slot vent design provides Maximum air flow. (Reduce drying times by up to 25% or more!)
  • Heavy Duty Construction made with High Density Polyethylene.
  • Cleaning is Simple with Superior release characteristics for no sticking.
  • Saves you on Labor, you get even drying without having to rotate your soaps.
  • Space Saving – No Rack System limitations - Stack soap drying trays over 8 feet (2.5m) high.
  • Long life expectancy with continual rough handling. Tough & Durable.
  • Wide temperature tolerance. -40°F (-40°C) to 230°F (110°C).
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable handling and reach capability.
  • Available Colors: Green or White.

Soap Drying Tray Specifications

A – Overall Length – 30.5″ – – – 775 mm
B – Overall Width – 16.25″ – – – 413 mm
C – Overall Height – 4.875″ – – – 124 mm
D – Inside Length – 29.25 – – – 743 mm
E – Inside Width – 15.125″ – – – 384 mm
F – Side wall Height – 2.875″ – – – 73 mm
Max. Soap Drying Height – 4.30″ – – – 109 mm
Weight: 106 ounces (3000 grams)
Color: Choice of Green or White

Drying Tray Colorant-Teknor Color FDA Compliance

Drying Tray FDA Compliance

fizzyfoam pngDon't like it when your bath bomb balls get a flat spot after they dry?

Then try our Fizzy Foam. It lifts them up on a 1” (2.5cm) x 1” (2.5cm) pedestal of soft cushy foam.  No matter what you call your product, bath balls, bath bombs, fizzys, fizziers, disks, melts, steamers, spheres, balls, or soothers, this the perfect resting place for them as they dry.

So now you can dry hundreds (dare we say thousands???)  of Bath Bombs in a space saving 16” (40.6cm) x 32” (81.3cm).


1” pyramids are designed to allow air flow underneath your bath bombs as they are held in place.

These sheets fit perfectly into our Drying Trays sold on this page and are precut to 14” ( 35.6cm) x 29” (73.7cm).

 Make moving your trays full of bath bombs a breeze with our our economic Dolly sold above.


14” (35.6cm) x 29” (73.7cm) 1” pyramid closed cell foam sheets

Available in sets of 5 - 25 -60

Fizzy Foam 5 sheets
Fizzy Foam

Model: BBFizzyFoam5
Fizzy Foam
Set of 5 Sheets

Fizzy Foam 25 sheets
Fizzy Foam

Model: BBFizzyFoam25
Fizzy Foam
Set of 25 Sheets

Fizzy Foam 60 sheets
Fizzy Foam 60 sheets

Model: BBFizzyFoam60
Fizzy Foam
Set of 60 Sheets

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