Tips & FAQ

Tips on Usage:

The Best Way to Dry Your Bars:

  • We've learned from experience that the quickest way to stack and dry your soap bars is to stand them on the long edge. Refer to diagram below.
  • Space the soap bars with about an 1/8" (3mm) between them and about 1/4" (6mm) between each row.
  • Remove them off your soap bar Cutting Table just the way they were cut, then just simply separate them out, as you place them on the drying tray.
  • You can stack about 100 average 3.5 to 4 oz. (100g to 120g) soap bars to a tray (up to about 25 lbs. (11.4 kg).

The Best Way to Dry Your Bars


  • If your soap bars are thinner or smaller,  under 3/4" (19mm), you may need straddle the rows by placing a row on top of the bars. See diagram below.
  • This method works extremely well for small sample bars, even down to 3/8" (9mm) or less.
  • It locks them together and allows you to move the tray around without them falling. It's quick and easy.

place a row on top of the bars, straddling the rows


  • You will also want to try our Soap Tray Dolly (solid tray on wheels). It is inexpensive, durable, makes your soap trays mobile and works on almost all applications. It also works as another tray.
  • With limited space you can stack trays as high as you want. Just make sure you can still reach for ease of use and working heights. The bonus is you are not restricted by limitations rack systems have.
  • Do you require even more space and mobility? Our soap drying trays can be stacked directly on a pallet to move easily with a pallet jack or fork lift.
  • Need to speed up your drying times? Place fans around trays. The special slotted design and open sides allows for maximum air flow around your soaps.


Question: Is there any way to reduce my drying time?

Answer:  Yes. We have feedback from our customers who say that by using drying trays, they have cut their drying time by 25% to 35%. See our tips above for optimum layout to dry and cure your soap bars.

Question: How do you move the trays around?

Answer: Aside from carrying the weight manually, put your trays on our Tray Dollies. Your back and arms will appreciate the tray dolly 🙂  For larger operations a narrow pallet works great where you can place several stacks and move around with a pallet jack or fork lift.

Question: How high can you stack the trays?

Answer: Around 6’ (1.8 meters) is average, but if you want to (and can still reach them), you can go as high as 7’ or 8’ (2 to 2.5 meters).

Question: Do you have vented trays?

Answer: Yes, we stock vented trays. We can also provide non-vented trays. Just contact us.

Question: How many soap bars can I expect to be able to place on a single vented drying tray?

Answer: With an average bar size of 3.5 to 4 ounces you should be able to get about 100 bars on a tray .


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